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Construction of the world’s second automated and intelligent port with Huawei technology announced

Inspenet, February 23, 2023

Terminal C of Tianjin port in north China is the first in the world to implement an intelligent horizontal transportation management system, truly controlled through Artificial Intelligence and 5G. In addition, it is a pioneer in establishing commercial and large-scale level L4 autonomous driving in a port, thanks to the alliance of Tianjin Port Group and the technology giant Huawei.

Now, the joint challenge is to build a second unit, similar to Terminal C, that is intelligent, with machinery automation and that uses green electrical energy, therefore its ground operations will be zero carbon emissions.

According to Yue Kun, CTO of Huawei Smart Road, Waterway and Port, “Ports are a vital element in shipping, connecting trade and goods markets around the world. Building more efficient smart ports is becoming an increasingly pressing requirement for global supply.”

Among the comparative advantages of the intelligent horizontal transport system is the possibility of planning routes, ensuring efficiency and avoiding crashes or accidents, being able to also program the displacement according to the demand of the terminal. Both Huawei and Tianjin Port Group note that container traffic increased by 6.9% annually at the automated terminal. The objectives of this digitization are to minimize occupational accidents and improve efficiency.

The established work plan contemplates the construction of new automated terminals, updating of existing traditional terminals and comprehensive digital transformation of ports, considering the use of 5G networks, Cloud services, Artificial Intelligence, satellite connection and smart devices as essential elements of this process. of automation.

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