Congo produced and exported its first cargo of LNG

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Congo primer cargamento de GNL

The Republic of Congo has reached a historic milestone by initiating the production and export of its first LNG cargo, marking its entry into this global market. This achievement not only represents a significant advance for the country in terms of economic and energy development, but also positions it as a new player in the field of LNG exporting nations, offering new opportunities for economic growth and contributing to the global energy balance.

Enithe energy company that has been operating in Congo since 1968, has played a crucial role in the development of the country’s gas resources. gas resources in the country. country’s gas resources. The inauguration ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic of Congo, Denis Sassou-N’Guesso, together with Eni’s Chairman of the Board, Giuseppe Zafarana, and CEO, Claudio Descalzi. Descalzi highlighted this achievement as the result of a solid collaboration between Eni, its partners and the unconditional support of the Congolese government.

Congo LNG Project

The Congo LNG project, approved in December 2022, was able to start production in just one year, on schedule. Located within the Marine XII permit, the project is expected to reach a gas liquefaction capacity of approximately 4.5 billion m3 annually, with the first LNG cargo already on its way to the Piombino regasification terminal in Italy.

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It should be recalled that Eni recently introduced gas into the Tango floating LNG facility, located off the coast of the Republic of Congo. The Tango FLNG facility, with a “split mooring” configuration, has a liquefaction capacity of approximately 1 billion m3 per year and is moored adjacent to the Excalibur Floating Storage Unit.

First LNG cargo: a breakthrough for Congo

This breakthrough in LNG production by the Republic of Congo not only underscores the country’s potential to become a key player in the global energy market, but also highlights the importance of adopting sustainable technologies and practices in the gas industry.

As the world seeks to diversify its energy sources and reduce carbon emissions, initiatives such as the Congo LNG project demonstrate how natural resources can be exploited responsibly for the economic and environmental benefit of nations and the planet.

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