ASNT UT Competition 2023: Meet the Winners!

ASNT 2023

Inspenet, October 25, 2023.

Yesterday during the development of the ASNT 2023 Conference, the ultrasound competition (UT) was held, which was organized by ASNT and sponsored by Materials Research & Technology , ECHO Ultrasonics , FlawTech and PH TOOL .

In the ASNT UT competition, four Level III experts demonstrated their knowledge, skills and experience by facing different challenges, with the winners being Jeffry Lattea (first place) and Shane Walton (second place), who received a prize of $1000 and $500. respectively.

In an exclusive interview, participants shared their experiences and perceptions about the event and the dynamics of the competition.

Iván, one of the participants, highlighted the motivation behind his decision to join the competition. ” The reason was to demonstrate our ultrasound skills and give recognition to all the effort we have been putting in for so many years ,” he commented. The competition was not only an opportunity to demonstrate their skills, but also to receive the recognition they deserve.

About the 2023 ASNT UT Competition

The competition was designed to reflect the real-world situations in which ultrasound inspectors operate. Gilberto, another of the participants who has certifications in different areas, considered that the competence could be transferred to other testing methods, which highlights its relevance and applicability in various contexts.

One of the aspects that participants considered most challenging was the time factor. The 30-minute limitation per sample added pressure to the task of measuring cues and characterizing them, so time became a key element in differentiating participants, primarily in terms of accuracy.

Additionally, the open environment of the competition, where anyone could watch, comment, and build an audience, also created additional pressure for competitors. The desire not to disappoint their peers were factors that some participants highlighted as additional challenges.

Surprisingly, the competition attracted a sizeable crowd and many industry professionals and acquaintances were present. The presence of a qualified audience was a pleasant surprise for the participants, who had originally imagined a competition with less attendance.

The Ultrasound Competition at ASNT 2023 proved to be a challenging and enriching experience for participants. Through their participation, they not only tested their skills, but also gained experience and connected with industry colleagues.

“And I knew I was losing, but losing was fear, because in reality what I gained was experience, I won with friends, colleagues and well, we are winning more and more, ” one of the competitors highlighted as the final part of his statements.

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