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Inspenet, December 18, 2023.

igus GmbH has created a finger gripper for its collaborative robot (cobot) ReBeL. The company stated that with this new low-cost robotic hand, ReBeL is capable of carrying out various simple humanoid tasks.

Automation is entering small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), especially through collaborative robots or cobots. These cobots can perform activities such as sorting, picking, and transporting objects by using cameras, suction devices, and gripping systems.

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The newly developed gripper for the ReBeL cobot is made entirely of self-lubricating plastics, and according to igus, has been designed to be affordable and easy to integrate.

A new limb for the ReBeL cobot

As the ReBeL is very light and inexpensive with a weight of around 8 Kg and a price starting at $6,899, it is often used in humanoid applications.“explained Alexander Mühlens, head of the low-cost automation business unit at igus. “For this reason, we have received several customers asking us for a robotic hand that could be easily connected to the ReBeL using plug and play.“.

Igus maintains that the compact ReBeL provides an economical option to enter the field of robotics. The term ReBeL is derived from “Robotic Embedded-BLDC (brushless direct current motor) and electronic linkage”. The company claims that this robot is suitable for assembly tasks, quality inspections and services, according to a statement. For these specific applications, Igus offers a wide selection of end effectors from various manufacturers, available on the marketplace.

The ReBeL can take on a wide range of simple humanoid tasks and applications with the new low-cost hand ,” Mühlens said. “ We think about fields such as research and development in universities, as well as tasks in the restaurant or entertainment industry .”

According to igus, the ReBeL finger gripper is available for $2,760 . This robotic hand is compatible with all ReBeL models and is controlled via DIO (digital input/output) at the center point of the tool. Additionally, the company claims that the new gripper has the ability to replicate the movements of the human hand.

High-performance plastic: the material of the robotic hand

All components of the finger clip, such as the flange, cables and control unit, are supplied directly by igus, thus ensuring 100% compatibility with ReBeL customers, the company noted. Igus said the use of high-performance self-lubricating plastics helps keep costs down. The sliding bearings in the joints, made of iglide polymers, are not only economical and self-lubricating, but also ensure smooth and precise movements of individual fingers.

Igus conducted extensive testing in its 3,800-square-meter (40,902.8-square-foot) laboratory, demonstrating the durability of the robotic hand. Designed to be flexible, these devices can be controlled through a variety of interfaces, including USB, TTL (5V) serial, and internal scripts.

Igus not only provides the finger clip, but also offers other products designed for the ReBeL platform. These include items such as fire-resistant fire hoods, a seventh axis, collet sets, adapter plate sets, power supplies, a complete workstation and connection cables. Recently, the company announced that its mobile application, igusGO, can improve machine efficiency by using zero-maintenance plastics in more than 450 industrial applications.

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