China obtains the first certification of commercial flights with eVTOL

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Inspenet, October 21, 2023.

The eHang has become the world’s first unmanned eVTOL to obtain a license to operate and conduct commercial flights. As New Atlas reports, the manufacturing company has been offering flight demonstrations to passengers interested in these vehicles for some time and has now reached a major milestone of being able to charge for rides.

However, it is important to note that this license has geographical restrictions, since it is only valid in China , the country that has granted the certification.

EHang is one of the leading companies in the development of eVTOL . This China-based company made its first appearance at CES 2016, where it presented an autonomous eVTOL capable of carrying a 99 Kg load.

The latest eVTOL model

The company’s most recent vehicle, known as 216 and approved by the Chinese Government, is equipped with eight pairs of propellers arranged on 16 supports and has the capacity to fly up to a maximum of 30 km, reaching maximum speeds of 130 km/h. h.

What gives it a significant competitive advantage is its ability to completely autonomously transport two people, eliminating the need for one of the passengers to have specific skills to monitor the aircraft’s performance.

This puts the company in a prominent position as it can begin to recoup its investment and gather a wealth of data that other companies cannot access.

With approval to operate unmanned vehicles and offer passenger transportation services commercially, China is looking to lead in a new form of mobility. While regulators in the United States and Europe tend to be more conservative, in China they are determined to set the pace in this field.


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