Colombia exported USD 11.7 billion in coal

Inspenet, February 1, 2023

The National Federation of Coal Producers (Fenalcarbón) reported that in 2022 Colombia exported USD 11.7 billion. This amount corresponded to shipments of thermal coal, metallurgical coal and coke; and doubled what was exported in 2021.

“The increase was due to the best prices in the international market,” said Fenalcarbón according to a report by Valora Analitik. He added that, with respect to thermal coal -the second export product- Colombia exceeded USD 9,500 million with more than 65 million tons.

In crude metallurgical coal, more than two million tons in volume were shipped for USD 456 million. While, in coke coal, the first industrial product for national export, 4.5 million tons were exported.

This level represented a volume of USD 1.7 billion and allowed Colombia to position itself as the third global exporter of this essential input for the steel and ferroalloys industry.

Thermal coal reached record prices during 2022, pressured by high demand in the face of different situations such as strong climatic variations in Europe.

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