They launch a rocket from a maritime platform in China (Video)

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The Chinese company Orienspace successfully launched its first heavy commercial rocket from a marine platform. Orienspace carried out the launch of its Gravity-1 rocket from the deck of a specially adapted heavy lift ship in the Yellow Sea last Thursday. The process was successful and the rocket smoothly deployed its payload of three commercial satellites , the company announced.


About the Chinese Gravity-1 rocket

Gravity-1 has become China’s most powerful commercial space launch rocket, with the ability to carry approximately seven tons of equipment to low-Earth orbit . In addition, it has set a new record as the most powerful solid-fuel carrier rocket in the world.

Orienspace is already focused on developing larger, heavier liquid-fueled rockets with higher payload capabilities. The future Gravity-2 and Gravity-3 will have low-Earth orbit payload capacities of around 25 and 30 tons, respectively.

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Notably, China has previously used ships as launch platforms, such as the De Bo 3, which served for the government-built Long March series of rockets. This concept was used for several years by Sea-Launch, a collaboration between space companies from Norway, Russia, Ukraine and the United States.

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Video: VideoFromSpace

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