China will grant a USD 350 million loan for a zinc refinery in Bolivia

Inspenet, February 16, 2023

China approved a credit of 350 million dollars for the project of a zinc refining plant in Bolivia and in the next few days the contract between the two countries will be signed, Bolivian President Luis Arce confirmed.

“The Chinese government has already approved the project for the Zinc Refining Plant in Oruro (west), which will represent an investment of 350 million dollars,” said the president.

The approval was given after a visit to Bolivia by executives from the China Cooperation Agency and the Exim Bank, to inspect the area where the plant will be built. “In the present management, the construction of the plant for the refining of zinc will be reflected,” he assured.

Bolivia, a historical exporter of minerals, estimates that it refines around 65,000 tons of metallic zinc per year, coming from the Colquiri Mining Company, mining cooperatives, and the Bolívar and Porco mines.

Bolivia exports unrefined minerals and with the plant it seeks to generate added value by recovering other minerals such as gallium, germanium and indium.

Bolivian exports of minerals such as gold, zinc and silver as of November 2022 reached 6,073 million dollars, to countries such as India, Japan, China, South Korea, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates and the United States, according to data from the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade. (IBCE).

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