China wants to be the first to bring back samples of the far side of the Moon


Inspenet, October 8, 2023.

China wants to be a pioneer in lunar exploration

The Chinese National Space Administration has revealed plans to carry out a mission that will bring back samples of the lunar surface located on the far side of the Moon , something that has not been achieved so far by any other entity.

The Chinese mission called Chang’e-6 is scheduled for 2024. This automated expedition is destined for the South Pole of the Moon, where it will land and explore an immense crater. In this place, it is expected to collect samples of approximately 2 kg of lunar material that are believed to have been expelled from the interior of the Moon due to the impact of a meteorite.

To ensure station communication on the Moon, scientists have developed a method using the Queqiao-2 satellite as a repeater. This technology was successfully tested on the Chang’e-4 mission last year, when the country managed to make its first lunar landing on the far side of the Moon.

Although the exact launch date is not mentioned in the space agency’s statement, preliminary data indicate that the Chang’e-6 mission will begin in May next year and will last for 53 days. By comparison, the Chang’e-5 mission, which collected samples from the near side of the Moon, lasted 22 days.

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