China successfully tests first high-temperature electric levitation system

Inspenet, April 15, 2023

China successfully tested its first high-temperature superconducting electric levitation system in the northeastern city of Changchun, marking a technological breakthrough for the country.

Its operating speed can reach 600km/h, it is high-speed, safe, green, intelligent, comfortable, and has strong environmental adaptability.

1657 china sistema levitacion magnetica 3
The test of the first high-temperature electric levitation system was successful

The operation fully verified core technologies including superconducting magnets, linear synchronous drive, induction power supply and low-temperature refrigeration, laying a solid foundation for promoting superconducting electric magnetic levitation transportation system, China reported MediaGroup.

The system is suitable for high-speed, ultra-high-speed and low-vacuum pipeline application scenarios, Science and Technology Daily reported, citing Yu Qingsong, deputy chief engineer and director of Chinese trainmaker CRRC Changchun Railway’s Maglev Research Institute. Vehicles.

1657 china sistema levitacion magnetica 4
High temperature electric levitation system was made in Changchun

Source and photos : %C3% B3n-el %C3% A9ctrica-de-alta-temperatura

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