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Inspenet, August 27, 2023.

China has been carrying out an amazing expansion in the field of renewable energy and proof of this is the commissioning of MySE-16-260 : the largest wind turbine built in history .

MySE-16-260 wind turbine: the largest ever

This 16 megawatt turbine has a rotor diameter of 260 meters. The blades of this turbine can cover an extensive area of ​​53,000 square meters, equivalent to the space of seven football fields.

In addition to its impressive size, the MySE-16-260 is also characterized by its exceptional strength and strength, demonstrated by its ability to withstand the devastating winds of Typhoon Talim that recently hit China.

The measurements of the set are really impressive. The central tower of MySE 16-260 stands nearly 153 meters tall and houses a generator that weighs 385 metric tons.

It employs a holographic sensing system to monitor and decrease global loading and has the ability to both mitigate blade beat and reduce tower and foundation vibrations by 50%.

Mingyang Smart Energy, the designer of the turbine, said via a LinkedIn post that the turbine “will produce 67 million kWh of energy per year, enough for the use of 80,000 residents, reducing CO2 by 56,000 tons.”

The larger the size of a wind turbine, its performance improves, installation costs decrease, and power is generated at a lower cost.

“Compared to installing 13 MW models, the increased power of the MySE18.X-28X would save the 18 apparatus required for a one gigawatt wind farm, resulting in construction cost savings of $120,000 to $150,000 per megawatt,” Mingyang said in a statement.

It should be noted that in the city of Chaozhou an ambitious 43.3 gigawatt installation will be carried out in the Taiwan Strait. This will be 10 kilometers long and will have thousands of powerful turbines. Since the location experiences exceptionally strong winds, the turbines will be capable of generating electricity 43% to 49% of the time.

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