China Gold International expects to produce 87,000 tons of copper this year

Inspenet, January 25, 2023

The company China Gold International Resources plans to produce 87,000 tons of copper this year, and also projects an anticipated production of gold, which would range between 241,130 ounces and 244,346 ounces.

This Canadian mining company currently operates two mines in China. One is the CSH gold mine in Mongolia; and the other is the Jiama polymetallic copper mine in Tibet. The mining company has just presented the preliminary production results for the year 2022.

He specified that its consolidated gold production is 238,880 ounces (7.43 tons). That level would be slightly below the 2022 production guidance range of 241,130 ounces (7.5 tons).

Meanwhile, its copper production is 187 million pounds (85,000 tons), which was in line with the 2022 production guidance range. “These are preliminary production results. The actual data will be published in the 2022 annual financial statements,” the company clarified.

Similarly, China Gold released anticipated projections for gold and copper production during 2023. In the case of the precious metal, he estimated that it will be between 241,130 ounces (7.5 tons) and 244,346 ounces (7.6 tons). And that of copper would be between 189 million pounds (86,000 tons) and 191 million pounds (87,000 tons).

Inspenet, January 25, 2023

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