China inaugurates a charging park for electric vehicles

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Inspenet, November 5, 2023.

Recently, in the city of Wuxi, located in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu, a charging park has been inaugurated, representing the largest demonstration area in China for the integration of electric vehicles into the electrical grid.

Currently, it is possible to inject electricity from 50 electric vehicles into the grid simultaneously. According to State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power, the electricity provider, owners of these vehicles can receive subsidies for returning unused energy from their batteries to the grid , although no specific details have been provided.

In the second phase of development, the facility will have enough stations to charge 144 vehicles and discharge power from 50 vehicles .

Duan Meimei of the Electric Power Marketing Service Center of State Grid Jiangsu said the purpose is to balance the demand for electricity for charging electric vehicles, while also motivating electric vehicle owners to supply electricity to the grid from the energy stored in its batteries during times of high demand.

However, the brief report by Chinese news agency Xinhua does not specify the details of the incentives aimed at making electricity sales more attractive.

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