Hyundai developed a charging robot for electric vehicles

Isbel Lázaro.

robot de carga para vehículos eléctricos hyundai

Hyundai has created an automatic charging robot (ACR) designed to interact with vehicles, opening the charging port, connecting the vehicle, performing the recharge and leaving after completing the operation.

Smart electric vehicle charging robot

This robot, according to the company, performs calculations to determine the location and angle necessary to insert the connector, improving the ease of charging in dark environments and facilitating access to electric vehicles for people with reduced mobility. In addition, the ability to automate charging at stations with multiple points stands out, without requiring the presence of drivers.


In the future, integration with autonomous parking systems is planned to sequentially recharge several parked vehicles.

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The development of the ACR robot included considerations on parking locations, charging points, port shape, weather conditions, potential obstacles and the weight of the charging cable, using an algorithm based on artificial intelligence and 3D cameras to simultaneously calculate these variables in the Hyundai Group Robotics Laboratory.

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