CFS has expert staff in Non-Destructive Testing

Inspenet, January 27, 2023

The company Consulting and Field Services, LLC (CFS), has expert personnel in the area of Non-Destructive Testing at an industrial level; such as refineries, terminals, pipelines, tanks, gas, power and chemical plants. Among the tests they perform are the following:

Ultrasonic Testing (UT / Ultrasonic Testing): In this test, an ultra-high frequency sound is applied to the part being inspected and if the sound hits material with a different acoustic impedance, some of the sound will be reflected back to the emitting unit and may be present. on a visual screen. For UT thickness, the air on the back wall or inside the test piece is the reflector. Any internal reflectors, such as lamination or pitting, can also reflect the sound wave back towards the emitting unit.

‍ Visual Testing (VT / Visual Testing): It is the most widely used test method in the industry. VT requires the inspector to look at the surface of the part being inspected, for a visual observation of the surface to assess for the presence of surface discontinuities or conditions that do not follow procedures, codes, or specifications.

‍ Brinell Hardness Testing (BHT): A quantitative method of testing the hardness of a material or weld by physically indenting the material and comparing the size of the indentation to that of a twin indentation of a material hardness known. It is measured in brinell hardness.

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