CFE will carry out diagnosis of the electrical transmission networks of Honduras

Inspenet, March 15, 2023

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) of Mexico and the National Electricity Company of Honduras (ENEE) signed a cooperation agreement, by which, CFE will carry out a diagnosis of the distribution and transmission networks of the Central American nation, among others Actions.

The agreement also contemplates that the Mexican company will share the experiences it has had in the implementation of measures to combat energy losses, as well as publicize the actions that have been carried out in the Mexican Republic in terms of generation.

The agreement was signed by the general director of CFE, Manuel Bartlett Díaz, and the general manager of the ENEE and Secretary of State of Honduras, Erick Tejada Carbajal, with the Secretary of State in the Office of Energy of Honduras, through the undersecretary Thomas Antonio Rodriguez.

Bartlett pointed out that the relationship between Mexico and Honduras is intimate, since they are the same people and, therefore, they must maintain cooperation.

Tejada, for his part, stressed that the Mexican experience was very enriching and would be of great value in this stage of recovery of energy sovereignty that Honduras is currently experiencing.

Through a statement, the CFE indicated that the exchange between the technical groups would begin immediately, to generate positive impacts in the short term.

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