Carboline: Leading Corrosion Protection Company in the Power Industry

Inspenet, March 9, 2023

The Carboline Company is a global manufacturer of high-quality industrial-grade protective coatings, linings, flame retardants (for fire protection), and corrosion control.

Product development at Carboline is driven by a passion for performance and innovation. His continued focus and understanding of his customers’ needs drives product development.

All new products go through strict internal and external tests. Rigorous product testing is meaningful, realistic, and based on decades of knowledge and experience.

Its complete line of problem-solving technologies has earned the trust of customers. Technologies include waterborne, 100% solids, and VOC compliant (Volatile Organic Compound) formulations backed by extensive testing and multiple cases.

At Carboline they have multiple products for corrosion protection, fire protection, chemical resistance, long-term weather resistance, color stability, quick service, abrasion resistance, insulation, heat resistance, or immersion coatings.

Carboline can supply products anywhere in the world, having more than 20 manufacturing facilities internationally. Its global network of industrial service centers and distribution points are strategically located to provide the highest level of customer service.

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