Carboline has been providing industrial education for over sixty years

Inspenet, March 10, 2023

The Carboline Company began by offering free corrosion training to customers who wanted a general understanding of the basics of corrosion.

Over the years, its educational portfolio has expanded to include a commercial and industrial fireproofing school, as well as a railway school.

Since 2015, they have a training center located at the Center for Global Research, Development and Innovation in St. Louis, Missouri. In this space, they have a classroom and a large product application area equipped with spray booths so customers can get hands-on experience with Carboline products.

Carboline also has a webinar series available for clients unable to attend in-person sessions.

For face-to-face training, they have the Corrosion School, Industrial Fireproofing School, Commercial Fire Protection School, Railway School and the ‘Lunch and Learn’ learning seminars.

On the other hand, for digital learning activities, Carboline offers a series of webinars, Podcasts, Blogs and Videos.

For more information about the training programs offered by Carboline, visit their website:

Source and photo: Facebook Carboline

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