Construction of Canada’s largest hydroelectric dam completes

presa hidroeléctrica

Inspenet, September 12, 2023.

Acciona and its partners have completed the construction of the largest hydroelectric dam in Canada , a project valued at €1.8 billion that represents one of the most notable achievements of the Spanish conglomerate in the region.

The hydroelectric dam is part of a large complex

Once the entire hydroelectric complex, located in northeastern British Columbia, is completed in 2025, it will have the capacity to power a population equivalent to 450,000 homes (or 1.7 million electric vehicles per year) in the province , as confirmed by Acciona.

This was awarded in 2015, rises 60 meters above the Peace River and extends for more than a kilometer, standing out as one of the most outstanding infrastructure initiatives in the country. To divert the flow of the river, the consortium responsible for the work carried out the excavation of two twin tunnels 800 m long and 11 m in diameter. In total, more than 100 million m 3 of earth were moved in this process.

The power generation capacity of the hydroelectric plant is anticipated to reach 1,100 MW, with an estimated annual production of 5,100 GWh of electricity. The contract, awarded by Canadian utility BC Hydro, has been for eight years and construction was projected to involve hiring around 8,000 workers.

Once completed, this hydroelectric plant will become the third of four major dams originally planned for the Peace River in the mid-20th century.

Canada is a country of great strategic importance for Acciona, since it entered in 2022 to carry out a notable hydroelectric project in Toronto. The company has been involved in a wide variety of projects in the country, including the construction of roads, bridges, hospital facilities, water treatment plants, as well as water distribution system modernization projects.

Currently, the company is working on the expansion of the Broadway subway system in Vancouver, with an investment of 1.82 billion euros. In addition, it operates three wind farms in the aforementioned country and recently announced the start of construction of a 280 MW wind project in Alberta.


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