Meet the C6: the tallest wooden skyscraper in the world

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Inspenet, October 14, 2023.

The creation of C6 South Perth, the tallest wooden skyscraper on the planet, represents a milestone in global construction and will take place in Australia. This building will reach an altitude of 190 meters distributed over 50 floors and will serve as a home for 200 residents.

This innovative construction will be erected using 7,400 m 3 of wood, of which 42% will be cross-laminated and laminated wood, significantly reducing the need for concrete by 45% compared to a conventional building of similar size.

C6: A construction with purpose

C6’s architectural approach is characterized by its positive environmental impact, since It will be a carbon neutral structure upon completion of its construction and will continue to contribute to the reduction of CO2 into the atmosphere through the careful selection of materials, reforestation initiatives and the implementation of energy efficient technology.

Likewise, the building incorporates a comprehensive energy supply network from 100% renewable sources and its parking strategy focuses on the availability of shared bicycles and a fleet of 80 electric vehicles Tesla shared cars instead of allocating a large space to car parking.

Architecture firm Fraser & Partners emphasized that this project marks the beginning of a series of innovations in the industry, with the hope that many more will emerge. Once completed, this skyscraper will surpass the Ascent Tower in height, which, to date, holds the title of the tallest wood-concrete hybrid building in the world, with 25 floors and a height of 86 meters.

The complex will also include an educational experience center, a children’s play area, public art, a country restaurant and a space dedicated to urban agriculture. Additionally, on-site food production will help reduce the need to transport food and provide learning opportunities related to the future of urban agriculture.

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