Boston Dynamics joins the “Responsible Use of Technology Act” bill

Joshua Falcón.

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The technology giant Boston Dynamics has expressed its support for the Massachusetts state bill known as the“Ensuring Responsible Use of Advanced Robotic Technologies Act.” This bill, which prohibits the manufacture, sale and operation of robots or drones equipped with weapons, would set a precedent by becoming the first national regulation that sensibly addresses the protection of the public and the stabilization of a growing market.

Progress in the responsible use of robotics

The initiative was introduced by State Representative Lindsay Sabadosa and State Senator Michael Moore. Major civil rights groups and industry associations, such as the ACLU of Massachusetts, MassRobotics and the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), have joined in support of this groundbreaking legislation.

Advanced mobile robots, noted for their ability to enrich lives and ensure safety, face threats to public trust due to informal efforts to weaponize them for general use. Faced with this ethical challenge, Dynamics recently led a consortium composed of six leading robotics companies. His call to policymakers urges them to ensure the ethical use of robots and to prohibit their misuse to the detriment of the world.

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Boston Dynamics and other associations participate in the First National Legislation on Robotics

Brendan Schulman, BD’s vice president of policy and government relations, expressed his pride in “collaborating with Representative Sabadosa, Senator Moore, civil rights advocates and technology industry leaders.” This collaboration was instrumental in contributing to the development of the country’s first comprehensive legislation on the responsible use of robots, thus consolidating the company’s commitment to ethics and responsibility in the field of robotics.

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