Boston Dynamics Robot Atlas Picks Up, Throws Objects, and Practices Parkour

Inspenet, January 30, 2023

The American company Boston Dynamics developed the humanoid robot Atlas, which has the ability to run and practice ‘parkour’, as well as pick up objects, move them and throw them.

In a video published by the company, the robot can be seen interacting with objects around it and handing a backpack with tools to a worker who is on a multi-story scaffold.

The robot is capable of holding objects with its hands and throwing them. The demo focuses on performing a task as simple as picking up a suitcase and transporting it in a construction setting.

To achieve its objective, the robot places a plank as a bridge, goes up some stairs and throws the suitcase. The demonstration closes with a flourish by perfectly executing a 540 degree inverted spin.

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Photo : Capture video Boston Dynamics

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