They put into operation a heat network from forest biomass

red de calor a partir de biomasa

Inspenet, December 14, 2023.

ENGIE , through its subsidiary Districalor, has signed an agreement with the Cooperativa Calor Chantrea to supply heat to more than 800 homes in Txantrea, Spain through a heat network powered by forest biomass .

Heat network from forest biomass

This initiative, developed in collaboration with Nasuvinsa in the Pamplona neighborhood, contemplates the implementation of a new exchange facility with a capacity of 10 MW, which is expected to come into operation in the first quarter of 2024.

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This installation will support the cooperative’s decarbonization objectives , anticipating an estimated saving of around 2,000 tons per year of CO 2 emissions, by avoiding the release of gases derived from the burning of fossil fuels in buildings.

The agreement was formalized with the participation of Antonio Jiménez González, president of the Calor Chantrea Cooperative, and Xavier Puyal Torras, head of Heat and Cold Networks at ENGIE Spain, representing Districalor. Likewise, Idoia Madariaga, head of the Innovation and Financing Projects Area of ​​Nasuvinsa, and Javier Martínez León, engineer in charge of the project, were present at the event.

The creation of the heat plant in Txantrea aims to support the city of Pamplona’s goal of reducing CO 2 emissions and improving energy efficiency by providing renewable and sustainable energy for both the neighborhood’s homes and buildings. public. This infrastructure is positioned as a reference at the state and European level, standing out for its innovative approach to the use of local forest biomass, composed mainly of wood chips, as the main source of energy for its boilers.

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