Bill Gates earns 2,000 million dollars in one day after Microsoft publishes its financial results

The philanthropist Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, saw his fortune increase considerably in a single day after the American technology company published its financial results for the first quarter of this fiscal year, reports Fortune.

After disseminating the statement, with an optimistic approach, the price of the multinational’s shares soared by 9%, adding 174,000 million dollars to its market value, which represents its best percentage increase in a day since November 2022, when they rose 8.2%.

Bill Gates owns about 1% of the company’s shares

Bill Gates owns about 1% of the Albuquerque-based company’s shares, or 103 million units, so the increase in these—now priced at $295.37 each—made the philanthropist see how its assets grew by 2,000 million dollars.

Microsoft indicates that, compared to the same period of the previous year, its revenues have risen 7%, reaching 52.900 million dollars, and details that operating income experienced an increase of 10%, standing at 22.400 million dollars.

1740 Bill Gates inteligencia artificial interna
Bill Gates owns about 1% of the shares of Microsoft, a company that is promoting artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

The text focused on artificial intelligence (AI), a topic that has been mentioned 50 times, which, in the opinion of the American business magazine, highlights the company’s drive to stay at the forefront of this booming sector.

“The world’s most advanced AI models come together with the world’s most universal user interface, natural language, to create a new era of computing,” said Satya Nadella, Microsoft President and CEO. “At Microsoft Cloud we are the platform of choice to help customers get the most value from their digital spend and innovate for this next generation of AI,” he added.

For her part, Amy Hood, executive vice president and chief financial officer of the company, assured that the “focused management” of its sales teams and partners in said “dynamic environment” resulted in revenues of 28.5 billion dollars, 22% more than in 2022, for Microsoft Cloud.

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