Autofuel develops gas station that works with robots

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Inspenet, October 1, 2023.

Autofuel is the Danish company that has developed automation in fueling with the idea of ​​preventing people from having to get out of the car, especially in winter conditions or in potentially unsafe areas when refueling. The entire process is carried out automatically by a robot, which, compared to the human method, significantly reduces time.

This robot is capable of refilling car tanks without requiring the intervention of a human being. Even the payment process is carried out automatically.

How does the Autofuel system work?

To use Autofuel, registration is first required, similar to what is done on an app or streaming service. During it, information is provided related to the vehicle registration (to prevent identity theft), the type of fuel used and the chosen payment method.

When you arrive at a gas station equipped with Autofuel robots, you only need to approach and stop when a screen indicates it. At that moment, the robot will open the fuel tank lid and take the hose corresponding to the desired type of gasoline.

Once the process is complete, a notification will be displayed confirming that the payment has been processed. However, it is not clear if there is an application to request a specific amount in liters or money; or if the robot is capable of opening the fuel doors that are unlocked from inside the vehicle.

It is important to mention that in 2022, Autofuel began operating in Helsinki and currently has development centers in seven cities in Central Europe. Jonas Thor Olsen, CEO of the company, has also mentioned that this robot could be adapted to serve electric vehicles , which represent a trend towards the future.


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