Australia: first trackless electric tram tested

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Inspenet, October 3, 2023.

This would be the first in Australia

The city of Stirling, located in Australia, has marked a milestone by receiving the first electric trackless tram in the country . This novel innovation will undergo extensive testing to determine its suitability for urban operations.

The trials will take place on a 7km stretch along Scarborough Beach Road, connecting Glendalough railway station with Scarborough beach. This impressive technological advance, with a length of 30 meters, was designed and manufactured by the Chinese company CRRC .

The city’s inhabitants are convinced that these trams, by doing away with rails, will be less invasive and more economical compared to other forms of transportation. At the same time, it is anticipated that they will retain the typical advantages of conventional trams. This project received substantial financial support, with the federal government contributing $2 million through the Urban Congestion Fund.

Rigor in your tests

The tests, scheduled to begin in the coming weeks and run through November, will focus on critical aspects such as charging capacity and battery performance, maneuverability, turning radius and user experience. Local residents and other interested parties will have a rare opportunity to ride this tram and share their opinions.

Additionally, in accordance with these evaluations, the Net Zero Transit Symposium will be held, an event that will bring together both national and international experts. This event will explore the latest trends in sustainable transportation options and provide the opportunity to witness this innovative tram in action.

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