At AMPP 2023 we got to know the HURVdata software

Inspenet, March 23, 2023

Inspenet, a technical platform for the energy sector, is in Denver, USA, from the Convention Center, where the AMPP 2023 Annual Conference and Exposition takes place, which ends today.

At this event, we exclusively interviewed Matthew Alberts, Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at HUVR, who provided details on HURVdata, an inspection data management platform, which enables visual and quantitative inspection data to be aggregated, analyzed and automated from any device, sensor, robot or field technician.

According to Alberts, the HUVR company is based in Austin, Texas and at the Conference they are focused on exhibiting products for the coating inspection and maintenance industry of such structures.

“HUVRdata is inspection data management software and what we do is bring standardization to inspection data workflows across many different industries,” Alberts explained.

“Basically, it takes inspection data not just from humans, but from handheld scanners, robotic systems, drones, all in one system, adds standardization, provides insight, analyzes the data, and allows you to have a common system for inspections across assets,” added Alberts.

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