ASNT 2023: Jimmy Ellis introduced his repairable rope cutters

ASNT 2023

Inspenet, October 26, 2023.

As part of the ASNT 2023 Conference, our team spoke with Jimmy Ellis, founder of Jimmy Ellis String Encoders , a brand that is generating a stir in the world of non-destructive testing. Jimmy, who is passionate about ultrasonic testing, set out to change the game in the rope cutter industry with his innovative approach.

In the interview he shared the story of how the idea of ​​creating repairable rope cutters came about. Tired of conventional rope cutters that wore out easily, Jimmy decided to create a novel product.

I’m a fan of string cutters, but the ones I bought would eventually break and I couldn’t repair them. So I started making my own and discovered I could make them repairable.

His rope cutters, which he now markets under his brand, offer a distinctive feature: they are repairable. This means they are designed with replaceable parts and are easy to disassemble. Jimmy has even created a video tutorial that guides users on how to perform repairs themselves. With this approach, it is gaining the admiration and loyalty of those looking for reliable tools in the field of non-destructive testing.

More from his participation in the ASNT 2023 Conference

The concept of repairable rope cutters is causing a stir in the industry and although it does not have a patent, Ellis has been successfully marketing them for the last four years.

Jimmy’s participation at the conference focused on presenting his proposal to a diverse audience interested in nondestructive testing. He believes ASNT is the ideal place to evaluate the reception of his rope cutters and explore opportunities for expansion in the industry.

Jimmy Ellis’ commitment and passion for his product is exemplary and a reminder that innovation and quality can spark significant change in any industry.

This is a great event for anyone who is interested in non-destructive testing, like me. Between the vendors and thematic conferences, it’s simply the place for someone like me

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