ARPA and Columbus University associate to develop maritime training projects in Panama

Inspenet, February 13, 2023

Directors and members of the Association of Panamanian Shipowners (ARPA) met with authorities and professors from Columbus University in order to establish a roadmap for the development of joint projects that strengthen the training of students and the maritime sector of Panama .

Hugo Torrijos, coordinator of the Mar de Oportunidades Program, indicated that teamwork and correct communication in the maritime sector is key for young people to have greater access to job opportunities.

“Education and the promotion of our maritime culture are our spearhead because what we want is to retain Panamanian talent and not to go to other fields,” explained Torrijos.

During the tour of the Columbus University facilities, ARPA members also had the opportunity to learn all the details of the simulation classrooms. Within the Faculty of Marine and Technological Sciences, there is the Maritime Training Center, which has four simulation classrooms, which in turn have four simulators and one of them simulates the command bridge of a ship, where they have 10 boats. own and more than 200 target ships and it is also possible to transit the Panama Canal through the simulator.

The vice dean of the Faculty of Marine Sciences and the Maritime Training Center of Columbus University, Alexander Díaz, indicated that this type of approach, with Associations such as ARPA, is very important because this is a step for students to carry out professional practices and have that contact with their field of work and can develop as future merchant marine officers.

“Associations such as ARPA play a very important role in the training of future officers… Being able to receive the support of the shipowners so that the cadets can carry out practices on board is beneficial both for us and for the country,” Díaz pointed out.

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