Chinese App Shows Nuclear Radiation Levels After Fukushima Spill

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Inspenet, September 7, 2023.

The Chinese app Blue Map has started providing global information on nuclear radiation after the water spill from the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. This has been the subject of criticism from Beijing, according to local press reports.

Since September 1, the application is providing nuclear radiation data from various cities in Asia and Europe. The technical director of the service, Ruan Qingyuan, has announced that more locations will be added in the future.

Ruan said that now the service mainly provides “radiation absorbed dose from different places and the discharge progress in Fukushima,” adding that the data is collected “from the official publishing platforms of different countries.”

Ma Jun, the director of the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, the entity behind the Blue Map app, has urged the Japanese government to ensure full, timely and comprehensive disclosure of data related to the spill and to accept community oversight. international. As quoted in the newspaper, Ma Jun accused Tokyo of opening up a problematic situation, noting that these data can help alleviate citizens’ concerns.

Nuclear radiation in the waters of the Pacific?

China has expressed its discontent on several occasions in recent weeks in relation to the spill, which it has described as irresponsible. As a measure, Beijing recently announced the suspension of the importation of all aquatic products from Japan in order to prevent the risk of radioactive contamination. Meanwhile, Tokyo defends transparency in handling the spill.

Japan’s Consumer Minister Taro Kono recently criticized Beijing, calling its restrictions more political than scientific. On the other hand, the head of Agriculture, Tetsuro Nomura, described them as lamentable and against international consensus.

In the year 2021, the Japanese government decided, as part of the decommissioning strategy of the nuclear plant of fukushima, opting for the controlled release of contaminated water into the sea as a solution to deal with the radioactive liquid that was accumulating in the plant facilities, since the large storage tanks were running out of space.

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