APM Terminals Callao will invest USD 1,200 million in modernization of the North Multipurpose Terminal

Inspenet, May 15, 2023

APM Terminals Callao (APMTC) will begin this year the redesign of the Multipurpose North Terminal (TNM) of the Port of Callao in Peru, after having signed the addendum for this development together with the National Port Authority (APN) of Peru in November of the year past.

Thanks to this subscription, APMTC will be able to increase the general cargo capacity to 15.5 million tons per year and 2.8 million TEUs in containerized cargo. The total investment of the project will also be increased to USD 1,200 million completely self-financed; that is, USD 450 million will be invested in addition to the USD 749 million detailed in the initial contract.

It is important to point out that the addendum has the purpose of correcting the original design of the modernization project, and does not seek to modify rates, nor to extend the term of the contract, but to provide a better solution for a public service.

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APM Terminals Callao will execute the Terminal project in stages

The following stages of the project correspond to 3A and 3B. The works of stage 3A refer to the construction of a battery of vertical silos for clean grains with a capacity of 60,000 tons and 2.13 hectares of paving, the acquisition of a system for the operation of the silos, two continuous unloaders of grains and equipment to implement an access for general cargo.

On the other hand, in stage 3B various current docks will be demolished for the construction of two new ones of 180 and 220 meters in length, as well as other processes related to cargo reception. The investment planned for these works is more than USD 327 million, of which the purchase of 1 STS Panamax crane and 3 eRTGs has been advanced, which meant an investment of USD 25 million.

“Since we began our work as concessionaires of the first port in the country, we have focused on implementing comprehensive solutions that allow us to improve and adapt the infrastructure to the needs of the market, enhance existing services and reduce service times for all types of cargo, especially general cargo, which has increased in recent years”, commented Lars Vang Christensen, CEO of APM Terminals Callao.

1810 APM Terminals Callao inicia rediseno de Terminal Norte Multiproposito INTERNA 2
APM Terminals Callao will invest USD 1,200 million in modernization of the North Multipurpose Terminal

And he added: “By receiving 70% of all the country’s general cargo, it is our mission to continue investing in infrastructure at the service of the sector and the country, developing various improvements and meeting the needs of the current local and global market, where this cargo It has had a high growth due to the global shortage of containers”.

It is important to highlight that all the investments that APM Terminals Callao makes are for the benefit of the country and aligned with the commitment that the organization has with Peruvian society. APMTC confirms that the modernization project will not only generate benefits for the logistics chain, but is also essential for the well-being and economic, technological and social prosperity of the country, including the generation of direct and indirect employment.

It should be remembered that in May 2022 APM Terminals (APMT) concluded negotiations with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) to modify its concession contract -via addendum- in order to redesign the following phases of expansion and modernization of the North Dock . Which paved the way for APMT to increase its investment, under a new design and including other works, in addition to the new stages.

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