Ancor Pipeline Integrity is part of the solution offering a profitable and efficient service

Inspenet, April 21, 2023

If you are looking for a cost-effective and more efficient service to make the most of your most important resources, such as time and money, Ancor Pipeline Integrity can offer you competitive quotes and improve your response times.

Ancor Pipeline Integrity is a company specialized in the analysis and evaluation of data in the area of pipeline integrity, risk assessment, cathodic protection, corrosion and reliability. It provides advanced pipeline integrity engineering services with a presence and accelerated growth in Europe, Latin America and the US.

At Ancor, they are committed to providing engineering support in pipeline integrity solutions, cathodic protection, and corrosion projects in oil, gas, petrochemical, and chemical facilities, always under the principles of ethics, quality, credibility, respect, and commitment to Your clients.

Receive exclusive benefits for your company

Request information about its main services such as fitness for service assessment (Fitness for service assessment), evaluation and comparison of internal inspections (run comparison assessment), design of cathodic protection (CP / Cathodic Protection), evaluation and mitigation of current corrosion alternate (AC / Alternating Current) among others, and receive exclusive benefits for your company such as:

1.- Engineering team available as part of your company

2.- Personalized attention

3.- Dedicated team ready to help you in all our available services

4.- Reduce the processing time of your contracts

5.- Fixed rates

6.- No additional charges worldwide

Ancor Pipeline Integrity is part of the solution

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Ancor Pipeline Integrity is part of the solution

To learn about all the services provided by Ancor Pipeline Integrity, visit their website:

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