AMPP at the XIX SLOM 2023 Conference: A key ally

Isbel Lázaro.

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Inspenet, September 29, 2023.

AMPP: Strategic ally

José Sirera, Senior Manager of AMPP (Association of Protection and Corrosion Professionals) was one of the key participants during the development of the SLOM 2023 Conference and during the interview he emphasized the strength of the commitment he has acquired with the event and the organization throughout over the years, defining it as its “sister company.”

During the interview, Sirera explained that the organization puts issues related to corrosion and integrity of assets and materials in their hands, an aspect that makes them proud and ratifies the brotherhood that defines them. He also highlighted the extraordinary nature of the event and the significant contributions it provides to the industry.

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SLOM brings people with great decision-making power on strategic issues; That is, it is not only the strategic question, but also how to finance the projects. That is why we see this alliance as very beneficial for the entire community..”

In terms of objectives, for José Sirera it is vitally important that people know the origin of AMPP, as he admits that not everyone is aware that the emergence of the organization is the result of the merger of the companies NACE International and SSPC, therefore The challenge is for the community to know who they are.

Now we are more than NACE, we are NACE and SSPC. We are an organization that has a larger reach; We have a much broader horizon.

Inspenet continues to cover each activity at the XIX Maritime Oil Terminal and Monobuoy Operators Conference to keep you up to date with the trends and innovations that the maritime industry currently offers.

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About AMPP

Leading organization in the field of corrosion prevention and control. Although it was founded in 1943 as the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), it changed its name to AMPP in 2021 to reflect its global expansion and evolution.

This renowned company is dedicated to the research, education and development of corrosion-related technologies in a wide range of industries, from energy to infrastructure. Its core values ​​include technical excellence, integrity, innovation and commitment to a more sustainable world through corrosion protection.

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