Amazon announces the use of Sequoia: its new robotic technology

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Inspenet, October 20, 2023.

Amazon announced the implementation of Sequoia , a robotic system that is already operational in one of its fulfillment centers in Houston, Texas. This will speed up deliveries and refine your estimates, while helping to improve employee safety at your facilities.

This system has revolutionized the speed and efficiency in inventory management in logistics centers, as it is capable of identifying and storing the inventory received up to 75% faster, benefiting sellers and customers. When orders are placed, this system also speeds up processing at logistics centers, reducing the time needed by up to 25%.

How does Sequoia work?

Most interesting of all, Sequoia operates by integrating several robotic systems, including mobile robots, gantry systems, robotic arms, and an ergonomic employee workstation.

The process begins with mobile robots transporting containerized inventory directly to a gantry, a tall structure with a platform that holds equipment capable of replenishing containers or sending them to employees in charge of selecting products requested by customers.

These bags are delivered to employees at a newly designed ergonomic workstation, allowing them to perform all of their tasks within their natural reach area, significantly decreasing the risk of injury.

Functioning as a set of interconnected robotic systems, Sequoia will dramatically simplify and optimize the way products are stored and help employees safely pick them up.

In addition to the implementation of Sequoia, Amazon Robotics continues to invest in exploring and testing novel approaches to automation. In this sense, they have begun testing mobile manipulator solutions at their robotics research and development site in south Seattle. These are mobile robots capable of moving and at the same time picking up and manipulating objects.

Expanding its collaboration with Agility Robotics, the company will begin testing its two-legged robot, Digit , with the goal of incorporating it into its operations. Digit is capable of moving and manipulating objects in warehouses in innovative ways, even in tight spaces and corners. Its design and size are suitable for human-built environments, and Amazon sees great potential in the scalability of this mobile manipulator solution, like Digit, that can work closely with employees.


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