They present an alternative without turbines to generate wind energy

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Inspenet, November 15, 2023.

The city of Laramie will be highlighted as the home of an innovative renewable energy generator prototype. Instead of relying on traditional large windmills, Airloom Energy presents an ingenious solution to address climate change.

Una nueva forma de aprovechar la energía eólica

It may seem that to make the most of wind energy, the optimal design of a generator involves a tall tower and blades capable of rotating to generate electricity and meet the energy demands of the population. However, Airloom Energy presents a different perspective.

The proposal is based on a horizontal approach to renewable energy generation. They have developed a system of rails that run along wings whose rotation speed will depend, logically, on the strength of the wind in the area. This prototype system would consist of 25-meter-high pillars and 10-meter-long wings.

One of the notable advantages of this innovative way of generating energy from wind is that the structure can span several meters or even reach dimensions of several kilometers in its operational surface.

wind energy
The dimension of the structure can cover several meters or even kilometers

Airloom Energy’s proposal to attract investors like Bill Gates focuses on the characterization of its structure as “ultra low cost.” The company maintains that the deployment and maintenance of its system represents a quarter of what a conventional wind farm would imply, while ensuring that the energy cost would be reduced by half, reaching around 0.012 euros per kilowatt-hour.

The device currently being tested in Wyoming has a capacity of 50 kW, although the company maintains that a 2.5 MWh system could easily be transported on a tractor.

Regarding the advantages of Airloom Energy’s wind structure, the company argues that it does not require foundations as extensive as those of a conventional wind farm and that the reduction in height and materials will have a lower environmental impact in the areas where they are installed. these wind energy generation devices.

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