Research and development (R&D) center opens to test hybrid aircraft

Heart Aerospace has already received 250 orders for its ES-30 hybrid-electric aircraft, with options for another 120 aircraft.
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Centro de investigación y desarrollo

Sweden’s Heart Aerospace has opened a new research and development center in the United States, marking the start of a new hardware testing phase in the development of its regional hybrid-electric aircraft: the heart ES-30.

The new R&D center, located in Los Angeles, California, will be dedicated to the evolution of Heart’s hybrid-electric propulsion system. The company has decided to move its full-scale demonstrator aircraft to this center, where the validation of the propulsion system will be carried out.

Research and Development Center led by Co-Founder of Parallel Systems

Heart Aerospace has appointed Benjamin Stabler as chief technology officer to lead this center. Stabler, who previously worked at SpaceX and co-founded Parallel Systems, a developer of automated, battery-electric freight rail vehicles, will be responsible for building and leading a team in this new R&D center in the United StatesThe company will work closely with the company’s headquarters in Gothenburg.

The establishment of our U.S. research and development center reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in aviation. innovation in aviation. . We are working on a solution we call independent hybrid propulsion and our goal is to demonstrate electric flight within the next year.

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Said Anders Forslund, co-founder and CEO of Heart Aerospace.

Advantages of the ES-30 Hybrid-Electric Airplane

The ES-30 regional hybrid-electric aircraft with standard 30-passenger capacity promises to deliver unprecedented sustainability and efficiency on short-haul routes. With an all-electric, emission-free range of 200 km and an extended hybrid range of 400 km, the ES-30 ensures lower emissions and reduced operating costs.

In addition, Heart Aerospace has already won 250 orders for the ES-30, along with options and purchase rights for another 120 aircraft. The company also has letters of intent for another 191 aircraft, reflecting significant interest and confidence in its innovative proposal.

This R&D center will drive the development of the ES-30 heart aerospace and will also contribute to the creation of highly skilled jobs in the Los Angeles area. Collaboration with local universities and research centers could further strengthen the innovation ecosystem in aeronautical technology and hybrid-electric propulsion.

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Source and photo: heartaerospace

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