Airbus will build a space module that will have artificial gravity

Inspenet, May 6, 2023

The European aerospace company Airbus will develop a multipurpose orbital module, called LOOP, whose interior design will be appropriate for the next space stations and long-duration missions to Mars.

This innovative modular space segment will measure eight meters in diameter and approximately the same in length, giving it around 100 cubic meters of volume. Likewise, it will have three levels that include a habitation platform, a scientific platform and a centrifuge that has the capacity to create gravity conditions for two crew members, reducing the adverse effects of weightlessness on their bodies, collects the Universe Today portal. .

The three decks of the LOOP will be connected through a tunnel surrounded by an integrated greenhouse, in which experiments that require the use of plants can be carried out, in addition to providing a continuous supply of food, since its inhabitants will be able to grow them.

1768 Airbus construira un modulo espacial interna

Up to eight astronauts can be accommodated inside the Airbus module

The orbital habitat will be able to accommodate a crew of four, but can be configured to temporarily accommodate up to eight astronauts. According to Airbus, the LOOP will be compatible with all current and future crewed and cargo aircraft.

He also assured that it will be able to adapt to the next generation of super-heavy rockets, such as SpaceX’s Starship, so it will be immediately operational to accommodate people and payload when it reaches its established orbit.

“The Airbus LOOP is designed to make extended stays in space comfortable and enjoyable for its inhabitants, while supporting efficient and sustainable operations,” the company said.

According to the portal, the multipurpose orbital module could be ready to be launched into space in the early 2030s, once the International Space Station has completed its operations.

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