Air Nostrum will transform the propulsion of 10 of its aircraft

air nostrum

Inspenet, November 21, 2023.

Air Nostrum reiterates its strong commitment to accelerating the transition towards new technologies and achieving zero-emission flights. In this sense, it has announced a strategic collaboration with Dovetail Electric Aviation to carry out the conversion of 10 existing aircraft to models powered by electric batteries and hydrogen.

Both entities will collaborate closely in the identification of applicable routes, either in the airline’s current operations or in new routes where the incorporation of these aircraft is viable in the short term. In addition, Dovetail will be responsible for certifying the propulsion system of an aircraft, integrating an electric motor, a battery system and hydrogen fuel cells into an existing fuselage .

This agreement is a clear example of the need for zero-emission proposals in the regional aviation sector, promoted by operators such as Air Nostrum, which are committed to new and innovative technologies that allow low-cost, zero-emission flights,” they highlight.

The goal is to achieve the first battery-electric powered aircraft in late 2025 or early 2026. Subsequently, attention will turn to certifying hydrogen-electric aircraft conversions, enabling the expansion of battery-powered aircraft capacity.

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