Will Costa Rica’s energy be enough to supply other countries?

The interview conducted by Inspenet TV during the 19th SLOM Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, highlighted the presence and contributions of Engineer Benjamín Mairena, Director of Production and Purchasing of RECOPE (Costa Rican Oil Refinery).

This is his first participation in an event of such magnitude, which brings together consultants and professionals from the maritime and port sector of Latin America.

Benjamín Mairena arrived at the event with high expectations, surprised by the scale of the event and the diversity of participants, including government and private companies from several continents. His personal and professional objective was to exchange experiences on the management of maritime and port operations.

Mairena highlighted the importance of continuous improvement efforts at RECOPE, thanking the operational and administrative staff. He mentioned two docking ports in Limón, Costa Rica, where various types of fuels are received, including gasoline, diesel, Jet, bunker, asphalt and liquefied petroleum gas. The second, more modern port uses robotic loading arms, representing one of the most significant improvements in the company’s marine-land infrastructure.

Costa Rica Energy

RECOPE plays a crucial role in Costa Rica’s energy, supplying approximately 70% of the energy consumed in the country. Mairena highlighted the monthly reception of 12 to 14 tankers of various sizes, underlining the scale of the company’s operations.

As part of the project to decarbonize the Costa Rican economy, RECOPE is involved in several energy efficiency and alternative fuels projects. Mairena mentioned the plan to incorporate ethanol into gasoline and the creation of teams to work on more environmentally friendly fuels.

The issue that most impacted Mairena during the event was human and facility safety. She highlighted the importance of learning from best practices from larger companies, with the goal of continually improving at RECOPE and in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica
RECOPE plays a crucial role in Costa Rica’s energy, supplying approximately 70% of the energy consumed in the country.

Renewable Energy in Costa Rica

Although it is not the main focus of RECOPE, Mairena shared her perspective on the advances in renewable energy in Costa Rica. She mentioned the significant contribution of hydroelectric plants and wind projects, reflecting the country’s commitment to the environment.

Mairena encouraged young engineers and professionals to follow their passions, seek continuous improvement, and never stop training. She highlighted the importance of participation and knowledge sharing in events such as SLOM Day.

In conclusion, the interview with Engineer Benjamín Mairena on Inspenet TV offered an enriching vision of the challenges and advances in the maritime and port operations sector, as well as in energy and fuel management in Costa Rica. His focus on safety, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability reflects RECOPE’s progressive direction and its positive impact on the country’s energy matrix.

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