Turn on the green energy! Program promotes solar solutions to reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions in Mexico

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Inspenet, June 6, 2023

In order to avoid the emission of 1,700 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and save on electricity payments, the “Solar Panels for your Home Program” was announced, operated by the Trust for the Electric Energy Saving (Fide), with the support of the Secretariat of Energy (Sener) of Mexico.

Sener offers an incentive of 25% of the total value of the project and the remaining 75% is financed by Fide, at a preferential interest rate that can be paid in a term of up to five years, through the receipt of the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE).

The objective of the program is to support the installation of photovoltaic systems at home, mainly for those who pay more than 1,500 pesos in their electricity bill, have their own home whose cadastral value is not more than 3.5 million pesos and are users on tariffs. 1, 1A to 1F; home use only.

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To date, 602 projects have been financed with an installed capacity of 2,412 kWp and a generation of 3,810,580 kWh, through Photovoltaic Systems interconnected to the CFE electrical network.

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Turn on the green energy! Program promotes solar solutions to reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions in Mexico

Lighting the way to efficiency: Mexico leads the solar revolution to reduce CO2 and electricity consumption

It should be noted that the installation of solar panels is carried out according to energy requirements, the availability of space and with the optimal orientation for better use of solar energy, it was clarified in a statement.

The Solar Panels for your House program is based on the generation of electrical energy with renewable sources -with solar energy- and contributes to caring for the environment and achieving the goal established in the National Energy Strategy of Mexico.

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