Naturgy and Wildfire Energy allies for green hydrogen

Isbel Lázaro.
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Inspenet, September 19, 2023.

Naturgy and the Australian company Wildfire Energy have signed an agreement for the research and development of an innovative gasification technology known as MIHG (Moving Injection Horizontal Gasification). This technology has the capacity to produce high-quality green hydrogen, with net negative carbon emissions , by processing various types of dry waste, both urban and agricultural.

Under this collaboration, Wildfire will operate a pilot plant located in Brisbane, Australia, with the purpose of generating the aforementioned element for various applications, including mobility.

On the other hand, Naturgy will contribute its experience in projects related to renewable gases, playing a crucial role in validating the process and guaranteeing its viability at an industrial level. The main objective is to evaluate the possibility of implementing this technology in Spain and throughout Europe.

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According to Jesús Chapado, Naturgy’s Innovation Director, the company recognizes the global challenge involved in decarbonization and the fight against climate change. In this context, they consider innovation as a fundamental instrument to find sustainable energy solutions in the future. Chapado emphasizes that this collaboration reflects the company’s commitment to renewable gases and its intention to play a fundamental role in their development.

More about Naturgy and Wildfire Energy

Wildfire CEO and CEO Greg Perkins said, “Wildfire is pleased to announce this services agreement with Naturgy, a leading company in the biomethane and hydrogen sector throughout Europe.”

“Naturgy emphasizes that its investments in renewable energy generation reflect its strategic commitment to addressing the “energy trilemma” in a balanced way. This involves contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions, guaranteeing security of supply and maintaining affordable energy rates for all consumers.

In this context, Naturgy aims to play a fundamental role in the development of renewable gases. This includes the production and distribution of biomethane in Spain in the short term, as well as the development of this valuable element as an energy vector with a significant impact on the composition of energy in the medium term.

The company already operates two biomethane production plants, one in the Bens WWTP (A Coruña) and another in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona), the latter being the first in Spain to inject renewable gas from landfills into the network.

In the coming months, a third plant is expected to come into operation in Vila-Sana (Lleida), and the company has already begun the process to authorize the construction of two others in Torrefarrera (Lleida) and Utiel (Valencia).

For its part, Wildfire Energy has set out to eliminate the need for landfills by converting waste into renewable energy and hydrogen using its MIHG technology. This simple process transforms waste into electricity and hydrogen, achieving a net negative balance of carbon emissions.

Wildfire Energy has designed modular plants that can be quickly deployed and commissioned to convert biomass and waste into renewable energy products at a reduced cost.


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