Welcome || #AMPP2023


This event, organized by the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), is the world’s largest corrosion and coatings conference and exposition, bringing together more than 6,000 industry professionals from 60 countries.

Attendees will be able to build relationships, increase brand visibility and reach their target audience.

In addition, the event will feature panel discussions, hands-on workshops and courses, among other educational activities on various topics such as the protection of materials through corrosion control and protective coatings.

In this exhibition, hundreds of companies will be exhibiting equipment and industry innovations, such as: Baker Huges, Honeywell, Marvel Industrial Coatings, Guided Ultrasonic Ltd (GUL), Intertek, MetriCorr, NCP Coatings, Perma-Pipe, SLB, Sherwin-Williams, among others.

Keep an eye out for the AMPP annual Conference at https://inspenet.com/inspenet-tv/


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