Unlocking Growth and Sustainability: Insights from LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023 on Asset Management and Anti-Corrosion

LatinCORR 2023 explored key challenges in asset management. Expert Sánchez shares insights on tackling issues like digital transformation and energy transition, while emphasizing the importance of anti-corrosion. Learn how AMGP is shaping a stronger future for the industry.

Fabián Sánchez, Director of the SLOM Technical Committee and an engineer with extensive experience in the industry, participated in the LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023 conference held in Rio de Janeiro. There, he was interviewed by Inspenet CEO, Francesco Solari. Below, we share his insights on the main challenges and opportunities facing the sector today.

LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023

Sánchez, who is also chairman of one of the event’s exhibitions, mentioned that LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023 has experienced significant growth over the years, reflecting the importance of research and professional development in the region. In this regard, he highlighted the conference’s central theme, “Asset Management and Anti-Corrosion: Keys to Sustainability and Development,” as a crucial issue for the future of the sector.

Adapting to Change: Key Challenges and Opportunities in Asset Management

Regarding the challenges, Sánchez mentioned digital transformation, energy transition, data management, and artificial intelligence as areas that require greater attention from professionals. He emphasized the importance of companies and individuals adapting to these new technologies to remain competitive.

In relation to corrosion, Sánchez pointed out that it is a problem that affects the entire region and requires a joint effort to combat it. He stated that AMPP, through its instructors and training programs, plays a fundamental role in promoting ethics and transparency in the sector.

Sánchez also mentioned some of the projects and activities that AMPP has planned for 2024, both globally and regionally. Among them, he mentioned the development of personalized training programs, the creation of a stronger community of professionals, and the promotion of collaboration between different organizations in the sector.

Finally, Sánchez congratulated the Inspenet community of professionals for their work in fighting corruption and keeping professionals connected. He encouraged young professionals to continue their training and develop their personal brand to be successful in the future.

LatinCORR InterCorr
LatinCORR & InterCorr 2023 unpacks industry trends with expert Fabián Sánchez.

For more content related to the conference visit inspenet.com/en/inspenet-tv/ and our Youtube channel.

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