Interview – Mario Moreno, Somaieh Salehpour & Dinko Cudic || #AMPP2023


From Denver, USA, Inspenet brings you an exclusive interview with Mario A. Moreno, Global Product Manager Leader Seal for Life Industries, Somaieh Salehpour, Vice president, Technology and Strategic Marketing Seal for Life Industries and Dinko Cudic, Business Line Director Seal for Life Industries, at the Annual Conference + Expo AMPP 2023.

“We have 14 brands, so another slogan is: protecting the future so we are providing quoting products in all forms to protect the future include something brand that you can see here for renewable market some brands when that we have some cool things for oil and gas pipelines and some cool things are for infrastructures that are for refineries in downstream, outstream, wherever you can imagine any kind of chemical process in, they need protection against corrosion..”

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