They launch the first welding robot for shipyards

Inspenet, September 24, 2023.

Italian companies Comau and Fincantieri have revealed their first joint creation: MR4Weld, a mobile robot designed to enhance the quality, performance and well-being of workers in welding tasks that require considerable labor.

This automation system in outdoor environments is currently in the testing phase and will be used in the Fincantieri shipyards to carry out welding in steel structures autonomously, offering the possibility of increasing productivity up to three times compared to conventional manual processes.

This is how the robot works

The system is composed of a six-axis articulated robot with high load capacity, equipped with a welding torch mounted on a tracked chassis and an integrated vision system that allows it to autonomously identify welded joints. Furthermore, it has been designed with the aim of improving the quality of the welds and optimizing the ergonomics of the work carried out.

MR4Weld was created to be handled by a single operator during the transfer and welding stages. The system also makes use of digital tools to collect welding and manufacturing-related data , which can be used to monitor the progress of welded joints. It is also versatile and can operate without the need for security fences on the different levels of the vessels.

As part of this new collaboration, both companies will also focus on developing advanced and mobile robotics solutions to automate other repetitive tasks in the shipbuilding process, including those involving vertical and non-linear surfaces, as well as unstructured environments. On the other hand, they will explore the use of Comau exoskeletons to further improve the ergonomic conditions and well-being of operators.

Fincantieri will collaborate with Comau to strengthen and improve the technical skills of its workers regarding the handling and programming of mobile robotic systems. This will involve adapting advanced training programs previously developed by Comau to meet the specific needs of operators in the shipbuilding industry.


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