The Berge Olympus is positioned as the most powerful freighter with sails in the world

Berge Olympus

Inspenet, October 23, 2023.

The Berge Bulk company has acquired the most powerful sailing cargo ship in the world, known as the Berge Olympus. This ship has a cargo capacity of 210,000 tons and is equipped with technology that will allow it to significantly reduce its fuel consumption and, consequently, reduce its carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions.

It is a bulk cargo ship with a length of 300 meters and a beam that exceeds 49 meters, according to data from Marine Traffic . Although Berge Bulk acquired the vessel in early 2018, the current model of the Berge Olympus has undergone significant changes to its design and functionality , particularly with regard to its sails. These new additions allow the ship to take advantage of wind energy during its voyages.

The shipping company has announced that, after these modifications, the Berge Olympus is positioned as the most powerful sailing freighter in the world . This ship will focus mainly on the trade route that connects Brazil with China, since it has favorable wind conditions that will facilitate its movement.

How does the Berge Olympus work?

The Berge Olympus has integrated four BARTech WindWings. Although their appearance does not resemble traditional sailboats, these rigid sails allow you to take advantage of the force of the wind to optimize fuel consumption and reduce CO 2 emissions. The Norwegian company Yara Marine Technologies has also participated in the Berge Olympus implementation project.

Each of the four WindWings spans 37.5 meters high by 20 meters wide and together, it is estimated that they will contribute significantly to improving the efficiency of this freighter.

According to calculations provided by the shipping company, the Berge Olympus is expected to save approximately six tons of fuel per day on a typical route globally, which will translate into a daily reduction of approximately 19.5 tons of emissions. CO 2 .

With these savings, Berge Bulk is evaluating the potential of installing WindWings on more vessels operating on routes with favorable wind conditions ,” the operator advances.

Fuel savings and the immediate reduction of carbon dioxide emissions are priority objectives. In the medium term, the shipping company has set the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025.

To achieve this purpose, in addition to the incorporation of the WindWings system, the bulk carrier has been modernized with a shaft generator system that drives the main engine to supply power.

This measure contributes to fuel savings and emissions reduction. With a capacity of 1 MW, the generator is designed to eliminate the need to operate auxiliary engines while at sea. The shipowner’s strategy to minimize its environmental impact also focuses on various areas, beyond its vessels, including the exploration of new fuels and the capture of carbon dioxide.


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