Surprise in the energy sector! Touchstone Exploration discovers light oil in Ortoire block

Inspenet, April 30, 2023

Touchstone Exploration , the Canadian-based oil exploration and production company, during the first production test of the Royston-1X well, has confirmed the presence of light crude oil at non-commercial rates in the Ortoire block, located onshore in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Touchstone Exploration’s first production test on the Ortoire block reveals 40° API gravity oil

The company reported that five potential production tests will evaluate the lower subthrust sand of the Herrera formation at depths between 11,102 and 11,168 feet. During testing, the well did not flow oil to the surface, but sample volumes were analyzed by a third party which confirmed the formation of 40° API gravity crude, representing the deepest oil found in the block to date. .

Touchstone Exploration President and CEO Paul R. Baay commented: “Crude oil test and analysis results have been crucial in establishing the extent of the hydrocarbon column penetrated by the well, providing valuable baseline information for evaluate log data and define future test intervals. Future production tests are targeting well zones with a focus on productive capacity and ultimate development potential.”

1735 Touchstone exploration petroleo 3 Paul Baay
Touchstone Exploration President and CEO Paul R. Baay

Touchstone Exploration will continue to evaluate sand intervals in search of commercial oil in the Ortoire block

Touchstone Exploration will continue operations with four potential additional tests targeting a total of 384 gross feet with a schedule to evaluate each identified sand interval independently. The next well test will target a 70 ft raw interval in the middle of the formation.

Test operations in this interval will begin once the rig moves to the Cascadura C location in late May, when civil works at the site are scheduled to be completed.

1735 Touchstone exploration petroleo 2
Touchstone is the operator of the well with an 80% working interest

Touchstone is the operator of the well with an 80% working interest. Heritage Petroleum Co. Ltd. owns the remaining 20%. Although the findings are not currently commercial, the data collected during testing will be crucial in assessing the future development potential of the Ortoire block and its potential light oil reserves.

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