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Inspenet, September 14, 2023.

In the name of commitment and the desire to share knowledge about technologies and innovations that contribute to the development of the energy sector, the global platform Inspenet broadcast yesterday its third panel discussion entitled “New technologies that provide solutions to the Energy Sector”; a successful meeting where luxury guests were present.

The live broadcast took place via Youtube Y LinkedIn, where they were registered almost 1000 people from different countries, who were attentive and interested in learning how new technologies are transforming the energy sector by allowing cleaner and more efficient generation, improving energy management, facilitating the integration of renewable sources and optimizing the distribution and consumption of energy.

Experts integrated the discussion panel

Our third panel discussion was made up of three internationally renowned specialists, who shared their approaches and perspectives about the new technologies that are within reach of the energy sector and how they are driving the transition towards more sustainable and resilient energy systems, while at the same time They offer opportunities to reduce costs and mitigate environmental impact.

Frederic Reverdy, Senior Application and Product Engineer at Eddyfi Technologies; Brian Pavlakovic, Technical Director of Guided Ultrasonics Ltd and Brian Kinsey, Chief Growth Officer at Square Robot shared interesting insights with the audience; under the guidance of the Engineer Francesco Solari, CEO and President of Inspenet and of Richard Blaser.

Third Inspenet Discussion Panel: Outstanding opinions of the participants

The first to join the dynamic was Frédéric Reverdy, Senior Application and Product Engineer at Eddyfi Technologies, who addressed Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection Techniques, mentioning conventional techniques, as well as the most advanced and currently used technologies, such as the arrangement of phases (Phased array), FMC/TFM, TFM/PCI, HTHA, TOFD, explaining how they have evolved over time and showing some comparative examples.

“TFM and PCI are increasingly popular due to their appearance in standards and the fact that they provide data in real time provides the possibility of testing different case studies, which is precisely what technology can provide.”

For his part, Brian Pavlakovic, Technical Director of Guided Ultrasonics Ltd, shared the recent advances obtained in terms of pipeline inspection and monitoring, emphasizing the difference between the two and mentioning that there are various factors that generate changes in the conditions of the same, which is why it is important to carry out these processes.

I highlight that the GUL company focuses on detecting failures in certain areas to see changes, unusual behaviors and deteriorations through the use of sensors and technologies such as the gPIMS® system.

I also point out that a more precise system is currently being developed that allows for extra data collection.

“New monitoring technologies provide benefits and allow larger areas to be covered, which makes it possible to identify when it will be most convenient to carry out a cleaning”

The third and final expert to speak on the Panel was Brian Kinsey, Chief Growth Officer at Square Robot, who spoke about API 653 service tank inspections using submersible robotics.

Kinsey began by explaining the traditional tank inspection process and contrasting it with the completely different methodology that the company Square Robot uses for this process when using the SR-1 Robot, which provides accurate, reliable data, without neglecting the significant reduction of costs and hours of work involved in its use and the environmental contribution it provides during the inspection process.

Likewise, he spoke about the new generation of robots, specifically mentioning the SR-3, which is designed to be submerged in tanks with aggressive substances and chemicals without having to be placed out of service.

“The use of robots is something successful that saves money and labor hours within confined spaces.”

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