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Gasura: Meet the first “garbage” car invented in Argentina

Inspenet, November 2, 2023.

Edmundo Ramos dedicated 12 years of effort to develop his invention: a car that uses waste as a source of operation.

“Car to Garbage. Drive on waste. An alternative to petroleum fuel.” This is the description of the project by Argentine engineer Edmundo Ramos, which dispenses with conventional fuels such as gasoline or diesel. In 2018, it completed the creation of a waste gasifier that operates using what it calls “gasura” as fuel, and is currently in the final phase of its patenting process, with the purpose of establishing this modality of sustainable transportation globally. .

Waste has an energy value and I verified that it can replace oil to make fuel ,” says Edmundo Ramos, a 67-year-old engineer and inventor who promotes the transformation of mobility.

The engineer called it “Gasura”, a type of gas with similarities to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), which he managed to produce from water and food remains. This peculiar “waste-powered car” allowed him to start his 1983 truck and travel through several provinces in Argentina. To give life to this innovative idea that came to him, he was inspired by an episode of The Simpsons titled “Apocalypse”, in which a vehicle that eats waste appears.

Car to trash: How is “gasura” created?

In 2019, he managed to travel 100 kilometers with his car for the first time, but it was in 2018 when he devised the gasifier. To power his vehicle, he used oak acorns as a fuel source, as they are found in abundance in his region. As shared in a conversation with Infobae, the engineer explained that solid and compact waste is required to prolong the life of the fuel, and before using it, it is necessary to carbonize it.

The gasifier, with a capacity of 60 liters, is loaded with charred waste. The lid is then closed and the biomass is ignited with the help of a fan that provides air. Through the speed of the air, the fire generates the “gasura”. The gasifier is capable of reaching temperatures between 1500 and 1700 degrees. To carry out the thermolysis process, which separates water into hydrogen and oxygen, two drops of water are injected per second through a small soda bottle and a copper tube. The “gas”, along with ash and dust, is released above the gasifier through a duct. According to the inventor, in case of any problem, the system does not explode, but rather implodes.

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The construction of the garbage car took 12 years

Edmundo Ramos pointed out that his creation also generates oxygen, a finding that was confirmed during a Vehicle Technical Inspection, since the emission of water vapor and oxygen is observed through the exhaust pipe. In fact, Ramos describes his invention as a “tree with wheels.” According to their claims, their vehicle is environmentally friendly and releases only 0.00001% carbon dioxide and 20% oxygen.

On his Auto a Basura website, Ramos has shared the designs of his invention, allowing anyone to try to replicate it. However, he cautions that engineering knowledge is required to assemble it correctly. He has received photos from people in other parts of the world who have tried to replicate his gasifier.

Currently, Ramos is in the process of patenting his invention and has received proposals from investors from both Argentina, Peru and Colombia to establish a gasifier factory to generate electrical energy. In addition, a new challenge has been proposed: the creation of “plastigas”, with the aim of converting plastic waste into gas, further expanding its contribution to caring for the environment.

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