Meet ARTEMIS: the fastest soccer robot in the world

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Inspenet, October 27, 2023.

Dennis Hong, an engineer and robotics expert, teaches at UCLA and is the creator of ARTEMIS, a soccer robot with a semi-humanoid appearance that has the abilities to walk, run, jump and participate in soccer games.

As for its appearance, the robot is not so aesthetic, but it does retain that semi-humanoid appearance. The reason is because “form follows function,” says Dennis Hong.

I have a dream, in which in the future robots will walk among us. To do this, the robot has to be like a human because the environments are designed and developed precisely for humans. Let’s think about stairs, door locks, etc.

This robot has a height similar to that of a short person and weighs around 38 Kg. The distinctive feature of its design lies in its operating mechanism, since unlike most robots that use servo motors, which are ideal for precise and rigid movements, Hong opted for actuators that imitate the functioning of human muscles. These run on electric power rather than hydraulic power, which has advantages such as lower noise, higher efficiency and cleaner operation.

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His height is like that of a short person and he weighs about 38 kg.

A soccer robot that reaches incredible speed

Thanks to this choice, the “semi-humanoid” robot is capable of reaching a speed of 2.1 meters per second , making it the fastest robot in the world in its category. Although his ability to play football is not limited, as he participates in competitions such as RoboCupSoccer, an initiative founded in 1997 with the purpose of promoting progress in the field of robotics and which includes football competitions with autonomous robots.

Regarding its mobility, ARTEMIS does not depend entirely on artificial intelligence , but is governed by a predefined model. ” However, it has artificial intelligence in terms of autonomy, since it is equipped with stereoscopic vision for object identification ,” mentions Dennis.

Despite this, everything related to its movement is based on a pre-established model. Dennis also highlights that the robot is capable of jumping, although for safety reasons it only uses 40% of its capacity, which allows it to perform low jumps.

He also says that he doesn’t fall, ” but someday he will .” “ What we have to see now is how we can make it fall safely and if it falls, how to make it get up again .”

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